Resources: Loose Parts

Play Wales: Resources for playing – providing loose parts to support children’s play – A toolkit

“Our aim is that more children will have access to resources for loose parts play and that adults in the play, early years and education sectors will feel more comfortable and confident about providing loose parts play within their settings. Toolkit aims • To raise awareness of the value of loose parts to children’s play • To provide practical guidance about loose parts play to those who work with children and young people of all ages • To advocate the use of loose parts as an approach to developing play opportunities at home, school and in the community.”

Play Wales is an excellent source of information on multiple play topics.





Simon Nicholson: How NOT to Cheat Children – The Theory of Loose Parts

A 1970s cri de coeur on enabling and letting kids get on with play and discovery through loose parts by architect Simon Nicholson published in Landscape Architecture.

The loose parts theory suggests that when children are given a wide range of materials that have no defined purpose, they will be more inventive in their play and have infinite play opportunities manipulating them in ever-changing ways that their imaginations devise. The more flexible the environment, the greater the level of creativity and inventiveness is expressed. Nicholson stated, “In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.” Source: The Play and Playground Encyclopedia

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